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Electric chain hoists KITO

Serie EQ - The effective

Compact and small electric hoist. For everyday tasks of all kind. Load capacity from 125kg to 1000kg.

Electric chain hoist KITO EQ
Electric chain hoist KITO EQS
Electric chain hoist with motorized trolley KITO EQM

Serie ER2 - The powerful

High performance, durable and robust electric hoist, for very intensive applications. This all-rounder is suitable for the toughest conditions and offers many variants and options. Load capacity from 125kg to 20T.

Electric chain hoist KITO ER2
Electric chain hoist with motorized trolley KITO ER2M
Electric chain hoist with geared trolley KITO ER2SG
Electric chain hoist with plain trolley KITO ER2SP
Electric chain hoist KITO SHER2M short headroom
Twin hook electric chain hoist KITO TWER2M
Electric chain hoist KITO FER2 Foodgrade

Serie ED - The fast

Compact, light and fast 230V electric chain hoist. Suitable for a wide range of applications, ideal for work stations. With load capacities from 60kg to 480kg.

Electric chain hoist KITO ED
Electric chain hoist KITO EDC

Accessories for KITO hoists

Top hooks
Plain trolley TSP
Chain bags
Radio controls
Hook protections
ATEX safety load hook in bronze KITO ER2005IS

Other electric hoists and accessories

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Sheaving kit for Tractel Minifor
Electric wire rope hoist Tractel Minifor TR with radio control
Electric wire rope material hoist Tractel Minifor TR with drum reel
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