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Lifting devices

Hoists and trolleys, winches and tirfors, clamps and magnets, lifting beams
Working platforms, JIB, swelling, gantry and grinder cranes, other constructions

Hoists and trolleys

Our main brand: KITO

As a Japanese high-tech manufacturer, KITO stands for innovation, precision and trust with over 90 years of experience in hoist manufacturing. With a unique load chain as well as premium hoisting equipment they set the bar far above the industry standard.

Premium electric and manual chain hoists:

  • Electroless nickel-plated load chain, extremely low-wear and corrosion resistant
  • Frequency inverter as standard for EQ and ER2 electric chain hoists
  • "Certified Safety (GS)" for manual chain hoists LX, LB, CX and CB

For all applications:

  • Standard design for large industrial applications
  • Standards for the food industry, wind turbine and power line construction, offshore and mining industries
  • Customised special solutions

Highest quality standards:

  • High production depth in Japan
  • Chains, hooks, chain guides, etc. manufactured by KITO
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001​

Manual chain blocks

The CX manual chain blocks with aluminium housing have a load capacity of 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg, are extremely light, have a high-quality aluminium housing and are equipped with an overload limiter. The CB manual chain hoists, with or without overload, offer a load capacity of up to 50,000kg. They feature a shock-resistant double gear case, a robust mechanical brake for increased safety, maintenance-free bearings and a forged load hook with wide opening. They are also available in a High Speed version for up to 7 times faster lifting speed in idle operation. SHB hoists have the manual chain hoist integrated into the trolley, which allows them to have a reduced headroom.

Ratchet hoists

LX ratchet hoists are compact, lightweight and offer a load capacity of up to 500kg. They are ideal for use in confined spaces. They are corrosion resistant and require little maintenance. LB ratchet hoists offer a load capacity of up to 900kg.

Electric chain hoists

The compact single-phase ED electric hoists are available in capacities from 60kg to 480kg. The EDC series has a load capacity of up to 240kg and is supplied with a hook drive. The EQ electric hoists have a load capacity of up to 1000kg. The ER2 series offers a load capacity of up to 20,000kg. Other versions include ER2 Limit Lock for programmable hook position limits, ER2 Stepless Speed, CDER2 with cylinder control, SHER2M with short headroom or TWER2M with twin hook.

Solutions for the industries

There are also LB ratchet hoists for overhead power line constructions, ER2 WIND hoists for wind turbines, FER2 electric chain hoists for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and other customised special solutions.

Customised hoists​

The hoists are available in various versions: overload limiter (OLL), overload signal (LOS), without freewheel function (OF), shipyard hooks, various chain container sizes, stainless steel chains and hooks, choice of single or three-phase, radio control, foam hook protector, limit switch, etc.

Trolleys and beam clamps

The TSG geared trolleys have a capacity of up to 30,000kg. The TSP plain trolleys are more compact and lightweight for loads up to 5000kg. The MR2 motor trolley can handle loads up to 5000kg. On the ED hoists we can also supply the TMH mini trolley. The TK beam clamp offers a load capacity of up to 10,000kg.

Winches and tirfors

We supply a wide range of winches for lifting and pulling applications: electric, manual, with petrol/diesel or hydraulic, as well as vehicle winches.

The winch has several advantages: it can work in a 360° angle, it can be used for pulling and lifting operations and the wire rope on the drum can be several hundred metres long.

The tirfor can work at any angle and without any limitation of reach. It is the real alternative to hoists and winches for manoeuvring on construction sites. By simply operating the lever, one person can move, lift and position considerable loads.

Clamps and magnets

Clamps are adapted to lift a certain type of load. For example, there are clamps specially designed for lifting metal sheets, beams, rails, round objects, drums, etc.

Magnets lift ferromagnetic loads up to 10,000kg.

Lifting beams

The lifting beams can lift loads of several hundred tonnes. We manufacture them entirely according to your requirements. To date, the largest lifting beam we have made had a capacity of 300 tonnes.

Working platforms

Working platforms for 1 or 2 persons, platforms for the transport of injured persons, for forklift trucks or for the transport of materials: all are custom-made in our workshops.


These accessories turn your lift into a lifting arm. They are held in place by a safety chain around a mast.

Swelling, gantry and girder cranes

Column cranes have a 270° or 360° swivel arm and wall mounted cranes a 200° swivel arm. They have a standard range of up to 6 metres and 2000kg. We also supply cranes for higher loads and spans.

The ganty cranes can be dismantled and are delivered in three parts: the two legs with welded wheels and the upper beam. They are equipped with ball bearing PU castors, with or without brakes. The cast iron rims are equipped with PU tyres, which are highly resistant to wear, oils, greases and other solvents and can operate in environments from -27°C to 80°C. In addition to steel gantry cranes, we also offer light and compact aluminium gantry cranes.

The girder cranes are especially recommended for machine shops, locksmith's shops, steel structures, warehouses, pumping stations, water treatment plants, etc. For each crane we have the appropriate manual or electric chain hoist.

Custom-made constructions

We manufacture customised lifting beams, work platforms, JIBs, swelling, gantry and girder cranes, C-hooks and other lifting equipment. The study, design, calculation and manufacture are carried out entirely at our site in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. We work with quality subcontractors for the supply of beams, steel and flame-cut parts.

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The family Lifting devices is currently included in the following product groups: Hoists, Winches, Clamps and Constructions. We united them in one PDF.

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The family Lifting devices is currently included in the following product groups: Hoists, Winches, Clamps and Constructions. We united them in one PDF.

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The family Lifting devices is currently included in the following product groups: Hoists, Winches, Clamps and Constructions. We united them in one PDF. Nous les avons regroupées en un seul PDF. PDF only available in Dutch and French.

Download Lifting devices (NL)

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