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The family Clamps includes the following products: steel plate clamps, beam clamps, rail clamps, lifting clamps for round shapes, coping stone clamps, block clamps, barrel lifting clamps and pipe clamps.

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Lifting baskets

The family Lifting baskets includes the following products: man baskets, man baskets for the transport of injured persons, man baskets for forklift trucks, material baskets, custom lifting baskets.

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Crane forks

The family Crane forks includes the following products: crane forks with adjustable forks and accessories and options crane forks.

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Gantry cranes and tripods

The family Gantry cranes and tripots includes the following products: steel gantry cranes, aluminium gantry cranes and tripods.

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Transport trolleys

The family Transport trolleys includes the following products:Jung, TR and Börkey transport trolleys.

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The family Ladders includes the following products: platform ladders, step ladders, ladders with rung and steps, ladder accessories, scaffolding, vertical ladders, special ladders, wire rope ladders and rope ladders.

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