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Wire ropes and accessories

The family Wire ropes and accessories includes the following products: steel wire rope, anti-rotating wire ropes, stainless steel wire ropes, special wire ropes, wire rope slings, endless slings, wire rope pullers, wire rope grips, thimbles and wire rope clips, terminal and wedge sockets, wire rope cutter, crimping tools and grease.

Dutch (12,2Mb) French (12,7Mb)

Chains and accessories

The family Chains and accessories includes the following products: chain slings, accessories grade 80 and grade 100, swivels, DIN rings, lifting rings, lifting swivel rings, hooks for welded wire mesh, lifting shackles and DIN chains.

Dutch (12,7Mb) French (12,7Mb)


The family Hoists include the following products: electric lifting hoists, pneumatic hoists, hand chain blocks, lever hoists, hoist trolleys and hoist clamps.

Dutch (14,3Mb) French (14,3Mb)


The family Winches include the following products: electric winches, vehicle winches, manual winches and TIRFOR.

Dutch (12,3Mb) French (12,3Mb)


The family Clamps include the following products: steel plate clamps, beam clamps, rail clamps, lifting clamps for round shapes, coping stone clamps, block clamps, barrel lifting clamps and pipe clamps.

Dutch (7,66Mb) French (7,65Mb)

Webbings, lashing and ropes

The family Webbings, lashing and ropes includes the following products: webbing slings, round polyester slings, meccano slings, steel link traps, lashing straps, load binders for chains, ropes and round slings.

Dutch (7,68Mb) French (7,70Mb)


The family Ladders includes the following products: leaning ladders, extension ladders, combination ladders, foldable ladders, step ladders, steel cable ladders and rope ladders.

Dutch (5,36Mb) French (5,34Mb)

Stainless steel

The family Stainless steel includes the following products: stainless steel chains and accessories and stainless steel accessories and hardware.

Dutch (5,55Mb) French (5,55Mb)

Miscellaneous accessories

The family Miscellaneous accessories includes the following products: sheaves, blocks, digital dynamometers, balancers, pallet trucks, anemometer, identification plates, suction cups, magnets, magnetic corners, vacuum systems, nylon sheaves, galvanised turnbuckles, stretchers, carabiners and commercial shackles.

Dutch (8,95Mb) French (8,94Mb)


The family Constructions includes the following products: lifting beams, C hooks, special hooks, pallet lifts, gantry cranes, working platforms, giant shackles, turning hooks, JIB, swelling cranes, girder cranes and accessories and tripods.

Dutch (17,4Mb) French (17,4Mb)


The family Safety includes the following products: harnesses, falling arrest with webbing, wire rope and rope, lifelines, lanyards, connectors, tripods, anchor points and headlights.

Dutch (4,87Mb) French (4,88Mb)


The family Rollers includes the following products: heavy duty roller skates.

Dutch (4,67Mb) French (4,62Mb)

Jacks, cylinders and lifting tables

The family Jacks, cylinders and lifting tables includes the following products: mechanical and hydraulic jacks, lifting cushions, mechanic and hydraulic cylinders, pumps, hydraulic accessories and lifting tables.

Dutch (7,80Mb) French (7,79Mb)

Tarpaulins and nets

The family Tarpaulins and nets includes the following products: safety nets, universal knotless nets, worksite nets, transport nets, lifting nets, polyethylene tarps, polyester tarps and tents.

Dutch (5,06Mb) French (5,14Mb)