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Casar is THE worldwide reference in the manufacture of special wire ropes. ILSA has been working with this supplier for many years and has for example the​ Turboplast in stock. We are proud to be a Casar partner because it stands for reliability.

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Your rope is our passion

Casar - now part of the WireCo group - is a manufacturer of special wire ropes for mission critical applications. They offer highly-engineered ropes that exceed industry standards while providing record-setting service life.

Who is Casar

  • CASAR is an abbreviation for the French term "blerie Sarroise"
  • produced the first 8-strand ropes in 1949 in a time where 6-strand ropes have been state-of-the-art
  • one of the leading manufacturers of special wire ropes
  • since August 2007, the company Casar is owned by the WireCo group
  • WireCo Germany employs 340 qualified staff members
  • WireCo Germany develops, produces and distributes their products across a network of more than 40 countries worldwide


In order to keep its leading position in the market, there are permanent investments in new technologies to improve its products and testing facilities. Quality is essential.

Added value

Research & Development

All CASAR wire ropes are in-house developments. The rope designs are created with continuously improved software tools developed by their own engineers over the last decades. Each construction can be optimized to the specific customer application, considering different criteria like breaking strength, bending fatigue, flexibility or resistance against abrasion.​

Since end of 2013, WireCo is using a remarkable tool for product development: the finite element method (FEM). Their R&D department is able to model and simulate new constructions in advance, in order to determine the relevant design parameters. This will help to further enhance the exceptional characteristics of CASAR wire ropes.

Other technologies:

  • compacted wire rope strands
  • plastic covered steel core
  • innovative design for a much better fatigue resistance than other wire rope constructions​
  • optimisation of the wire rope to meet the requirement of specific customer applications


  • experienced team to modify the machines to meet the requirements of special designed steel wire ropes
  • new machines to increase production and keep the machinery up to date to ensure the quality of products

Quality control

  • certified ISO 9001
  • complete inspection of incoming wires: diameter, tensile and bending strength and torsion resistance
  • constant monitoring and recording of quality criteria by a computer system to immediately detect deviations; this allow to determine rope related field issues even years after delivery
  • a dedicated team of supervisors to analyse quality deviations


  • improve rope constructions by constantly checking the quality and evaluating modifications
  • several machines to test the wire ropes (bending, tension, tensile strength, number of fatigue cycles until break, etc) to ensure the performance of a safe rope


  • Rotation-resistant wire ropes
  • Non rotation-resistant wire ropes